Elektrisk minibuss EV-150


Performance           200 Hp
Torque                     1250 Nm
Top Speed               80 km/t
Range                       220 km

Batteri Spesifikasjoner

Capacity                                                               115 kWh
Voltage                                                                 400 V
Cell type                                                               LiNiMnCoO2 (NMC)
Charge time / Fast Charge time                       19.8 kW / 50 kW CCS
Charge time / Fast charge time                        6 hours / 2.2 hours
Battery Lifetime                                                  2500+ Cycles / 80% DOD

Elektrisk motor spesifikasjon

Motor Type                                         LCM-200 AC Induction
Drive Type                                           Direct Shaft
Efficiency                                             93.5%
Cooling                                                 Liquid
Drive System weight                          110 kg
Battery Weight                                    195 kg

User Interface

7” Touchscreen is integrated seamlessly into original front panel 
Driver can see energy efficiency, control driving modes and climate system. Interface provides system status, charging information, energy use. 
EV system has 2 driving modes: 
Range Mode - Restricted power to increase range. 
Power Mode – Unrestricted power. 
Driving modes are changed by Hi-Matic gear leaver.

user interface - Main screen

Main Menu
1.Kilometers Driven
2.Average Consumption (416 Wh/Km)
3.EV Range
4.Auxiliary power
5.AC Control
6.Heater Control

Battery Charging Menu

On this screen it is possible to see the charging state.

1.Charging Power
2.Charging Current
3.Battery Charged (%)
4.Charging Cable Type Time passed